Adventure is Calling

Fire up your crew program with these great places to find high adventure.


Council/District Awards

Click on this section to learn about the Awards offered by Council. In this section, there are FAQs and Nomination Forms for the awards.








Advancement Resources

Check out this section for resources that can help you make sure your Crew is on the path to Summit. Includes Venturing Board of Review Guide, Venturing Summit Award Application, Venturing Summit Award Workbook and more.


Annual Planning

Every year Venture Crews plan the actvities they get to do for the next 12 months. Why not let us make it easier for you? Click read more to download and use forms that will make this big stress a lot easier.


Ranger Award

The Ranger Award Requirements are available online now! After the recent program changes, many venturing awards were exchanged for the current four. However, the three speciality awards: Trust Award, Quest Award, and Ranger Award are still earnable. To make easier for you, we've compiled all the requirements, FAQs, and more in one section of our corner of the web.