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Fireside Chats with YOUR District Executive!
Hello Everyone!
For those of you who don't know, I majored in history at The College of William and Mary so I have studied quite a bit about American Presidents!  Regardless of if you agree with Franklin Delano Roosevelt's politics, one thing he was great at was making himself more accessible to his people through his fireside chats.  While I am not cool enough to be a president, I want to make myself more accessible to all of you!  Every month I will sit at a different Starbucks throughout the Council.  I know it can be tough to get to the office so rather than you coming to me, I will come to you!

At these chats, feel free to come talk to me about literally anything!  Please come and air concerns, questions, frustrations or perhaps things that you think are going well in the district!  Also, please feel free to send your youth to talk to me!  Even if it is not related to Venturing, I am here for you!  Like I said, I went to William and Mary and got a scholarship to get my Masters at USC... I would love to talk to any youth who may have questions about college.  

My next one will be on August 28th at Kean Coffee in Tustin- 13681 Newport Ave #14 from 6:30-8:30pm!  Hope to see some of you!

Laurel Berkheimer | District Executive
Orange County Council
1211 East Dyer Road   
Santa Ana, California 92705
P 714.546.8558 ext. 149 | F 714.546.0415
E laurelb@ocbsa.org

Future Forums


January 21
Gun safety (in preparation of activity)

February 18
Dutch Oven Cookoff

March 18
Communications - HAM Radio

April 15 
Outdoor Ethics


May  17
Recognition Banquet

TBD by the new youth board



August 19
Recruitment plan

September 16
How to plan a super activity

October 21

Charters (adults) 
Leadership (youth)






Annual planning 

February: How to budget your crew activities March: Train Leadership (adults and youth)