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Hello Advisors!


A couple things I wanted to highlight for you all to relay to your units- VOA applications, Camp Card Sales and VLA Applications.  Sorry for the long-winded email!  These will be few and far between.


1.       VOA applications- I attached the VOA application, there has been on change made to the application.  On page two of the application, there was a mistake in including Crew Presidents on the nominating committee.  They will NOT be included for the committee.  Please read that page for more information on the selection process.  Application are DUE March 31st!

a.       I highly encourage your Crew members to consider being a part of the VOA.  Not only is it a great opportunity to make a change in the Venturing Program in Orange County, it is also a great opportunity for them to grow as a person and learn life skills.  I told this story at the Venturing Kick-Off but for those that weren’t there- I was Panhellenic President in college (in charge of 900+ sorority women) and got around a 3.0 GPA.  One of my friends spent all of her time working on school and ended with a 3.9.  When it came time for grad school, she didn’t get in anywhere and I got a scholarship to go to USC because of my leadership experience.  The VOA is a great opportunity to get that level of leadership experience.  Even if they don’t apply for the VOA, encourage them to apply for other leadership opportunities. 

2.       Camp Cards!- A lot of the crews that I have visited do not have a source of funding for their program other than parents.  Fundraising is a great opportunity for the youth to truly own their program.  Not only will they be planning and executing the activities, but funding them as well.  Even those boys who are in a troop and a crew, the troop money goes to their troop, not their crew activities, they can sell for both.  This year, instead of the coupon booklet, they are discount cards!  The nice thing about them is that even if they sell them already, the discounts will be different.  To sign-up please visit http://ocbsa.kintera.org/SOR.  I have also attached the Camp Card Sales Guidebook for leaders.  Camp Card Distribution is March 22nd at the University of Scouting!  If you cannot come then, please let me know and I will make other arrangements. 

3.       VLA Applications- We have our banquet coming up on May 17th!  If you would like to submit a Venturing Leadership Award- please visit http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/25-203.pdf for the form and http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/venturing/awards/leadership.aspx for more information about the award.  These are DUE by April Forum- April 15th!


If you do not think this e-mail should be sent to you, please let me know who it should be sent to!  I will change you on my email list and send this to the correct person.  Also, if you would like me to add your president to this list, please send me their email address!


Thank you all so much!  I hope to be visiting you all in the near future if I haven’t already!

Laurel Berkheimer | District Executive
Orange County Council
1211 East Dyer Road   
Santa Ana, California 92705
P 714.546.8558 ext. 149 | F 714.546.0415
E laurelb@ocbsa.org

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